The Slow Movement

As I write this blog in a rush on my lunch break from my desk I realize that I have a lot of work to do on this particular topic. I came across a TED talk last week that made me stop and think (like a lot of them do) because it was about SLOWING DOWN. I find that I am always rushing…to work…home in the car…to my workouts… to cook dinner…to get to bed! Just thinking about all that rushing makes me feel exhausted and I am aware that I often miss the moments in between. Many people’s lives these days are filled to the max; I often have parents explain that they just don’t have time to spend one-on-one time with their children because they are too busy as a family going to different activities. I get it, but I don’t like it. We live in a world where we are constantly moving in a fast paced forward direction but maybe it’s time to STOP, SLOW down and LIVE in the moment that is. Am I talking about a holiday? NO.

The idea is slowing down and being present in our lives. Taking the time to notice our lives and live them in the now…not always thinking about the future (mindfulness principles). When was the last time that you slowed down? On one of my recent runs I put this to practice. I decided to run slower than usual and focus on the present moment. I often find myself planning my future on my runs (thinking about my goals, my dreams and how they are going to become reality).

My run was awesome and difficult. I found my pace picking up and my mind starting to race (about all the things I had to do next week), but I harnessed my energy back to being SLOW. It was a much needed reminder that life goes by way to fast and that SLOW doesn’t necessarily mean unproductive, lazy, or bad…but calm, open to new experiences and refreshed. I had a great run, but most importantly I learned that I am happier when I slow down my mind and body.

Take a moment to slow down, watch this TED talk:

Here are 5 simple ideas to slow down your mind and body:

  1. Make a cup of tea, just sit in your favorite chair and disconnect from TV or your phone (you do not need to Instagram your every movement).
  2. Take a slow walk with a friend.
  3. Spend 1:1 time with a child and really be present (children can teach us so much about how to truly live life).
  4. Go to a yoga class…nothing helps me slow my mind more than yoga
  5. Slow down and enjoy eating your food! Make time to not rush through eating lunch…you will enjoy your food so much more!

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