Celebrating Mental Wellness

I am so thrilled to be working on the north shore and to be involved in advocating for mental wellness in my own community. I have always had the dream of having a private practice and I thought it would happen one day, after I had created my family, bought the perfect house and basically done everything else on my life to do list. Then I realized that life doesn’t work that way. This year I learned that if you have a dream you have to chase after it and make it happen NOW.

Five things you should know about me?

  1. I have always wanted to be a counsellor and proclaimed this to my teacher in my high school planning class.
  2. I believe in mental wellness and that talking about mental health is essential to finding joy in our lives.
  3. I have always loved playing dress-up and it is a privilege to work with children who allow me to enter into their world of imagination.
  4. I like working with youth because they know when you are full of it and keep me honest and genuine at all times.
  5. I love running/biking/swimming, chocolate and salt and vinegar chips (Miss Vicky’s).
Running in Kona

Running in Kona

The purpose of this page will be to provide you with information on mental wellness from A-Z. I will post on the hot topics in mental health and therapy.  Thank you for visiting my site and stay tuned for more to come!


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